We hope this issue of MedWorks E-News finds you happy, healthy, and stress free. We look forward to working with you to help your employees use meditation to bring the vibrancy of the season into every action they take.


Spring is a time of renewal, which makes it the perfect time to learn and practice meditation. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, remember to take a minute or two during your busy day to refresh yourself through a brief meditation either at your desk or outside in the spring air.

No matter how chaotic and stressful your workday is, a quick meditation break will improve your productivity and your ability to handle whatever challenges come your way.

Richard Geller
Founder and President


Springtime Walking Meditation

One of the best ways to re-energize your body and mind at work is with a simple one or two minute walking meditation. Start by standing in your cubicle or office and focus your attention totally on the simple experience of walking: really focus on and feel your feet on the ground, and your legs and body moving through space.

If it’s a nice spring day, go outside and really see the world around you: the sky, the clouds, the budding green, and the people going by. Just notice whatever thoughts arise and let them simply pass by like clouds in the wind, rather than focusing on them or thinking about them.

You can do walking meditation anytime and anyplace – walking to a co-worker’s desk, going to a conference room for a meeting, or picking up lunch. You will be amazed at how great you feel from even a mini meditation break.

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For the past two years, Reebok International has been working with MedWorks to offer regular meditation programs to it’s over 1,200 employees. As a company dedicated to health and fitness, Reebok takes a comprehensive approach to helping employees manage stress in the workplace and at home.

“We have so many activities that help strengthen the body; we really wanted something to strengthen the mind," explained company health promotion manager Ron Bartkiewicz. “MedWorks’ program offers a variety of meditation techniques, explained in a simple, practical way. That has really helped employees use meditation in their daily lives to be more relaxed, focused, and productive.”

Feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive. Some comments include:

  • “After meditating, I felt like I could get back to work with a clean slate.”
  • “I will be using this every day to stay calm and focused.”
  • “This will help me improve my concentration.”
  • “It keeps me calm during the day.”
  • “The way it is presented makes it very easy to understand and apply at any time during the day.”

MedWorks is a professional stress management training company that focuses exclusively on providing stress reduction meditation programs in the corporate environment. All of our programs are designed to help employees reduce stress, enhance productivity and effectiveness, and improve overall health and well being.
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