During this hectic holiday season, please take a few moments each day to de-stress with one or more of the simple but powerful meditation techniques, described below. Meditation is useful all year round, but especially during this happy, but stressful time of year.

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Stress Less this Holiday Season

Happy holidays to all of our clients and attendees of our many classes this year; you have made this MedWorks’ best year to date. As MedWorks enters its tenth year in 2011, we are proud to continue to provide the antidote to the stressful world around us. Meditation in the workplace is easy to learn and can be done anywhere and anytime that stress occurs.

Richard Geller
Founder and President

Instant Holiday De-Stress Techniques

Breathe for Peace in your World

As your most stressful holiday situations inevitably happen, instead of screaming or doing something you may later regret,

shift gears inwardly and do five or more nice soothing deep breaths and really feel each moment of your breath. On each exhalation, feel like you’re breathing out all the stress of that situation, as it fades from your mind. You may like to repeat a nice phrase in your mind such as “Breathe out stress” on the exhale. And then something like “Breathe in peace” on the deep inhalation. Really try to feel each moment of the breath, and with mindfulness, witness the disappearing of the stressful situation and reaction, or anything else that comes up in your mind.

Secret Holiday Body Scan

While sitting at the holiday table or stuck in holiday traffic, do a one or two minute eyes-open body scan, and feel the tension dissipate from your muscles and your whole being. No one around you has to even know you’re doing it.

Start with feeling your feet in detail, and then relaxing all the tension in your toes, soles, insteps, heels, up to your ankles. Feel like you’re breathing out all that tension, with each exhalation. Work up your legs to your stomach, chest, and up to your collar bones. Then shift to the bottom of your spine and relax each part, working up to the top where it meets your neck. Then feel and relax your shoulders and arms, down to your finger tips. Then relax the throat, neck, head and face.

Conclude with feeling the top of your head, and scanning all the way down to the bottom of your feet, feeling like any remaining tension flows down like water through your feet into the ground. Then feel all the way back up to the top of your head, and feel your whole body now as one relaxed whole feeling, head to toe. Focus on that whole-body feeling for a few moments, and let anything else that arises go by.

A Mountain at the Mall

You can do the above body scan exercise from a standing position while waiting in line at the mall, or wherever you may be standing around this holiday season. This is called standing meditation, known in yoga as the Mountain pose: the image is that your feet are like the base, and your head is the summit of a mountain. Just as snowstorms cross the mountain, notice and allow any disturbing thoughts and feelings to simply pass by.

Slightly bend your knees so they’re not locked, and straighten your spine, neck, and shoulders, as if your head is suspended by a string. Start the body scan at the bottom of your feet, and feel upward, relaxing each body part as much as possible. Finish with the whole-body feeling of relaxation, head to toe.

MedWorks at Ocean Spray Cranberries

During the holiday season, the pace quickens at one of New England’s most well-known companies, and one of its best places to work: Ocean Spray Cranberries in Lakeville, MA. Since 1981, they have been the leading producer of canned and bottled juice drinks in North America,

and their products are served worldwide.

Over the last 18 months, over 75 Ocean Spray employees have been trained in MedWorks’ stress reduction meditation classes, helping them to reduce stress, improve productivity, and enhance their overall health and well being. These classes were presented through the auspices of our business partner Fitness Works at Work and were all very well-received.

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