Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to “take better care of yourself?” Then make it a high-priority resolution to practice meditation daily, longer, and more deeply than ever. This will give you the mental strength and determination you need to make the changes you want, and succeed at making them last all year.

Navigating Your Inner World in a New Decade

Haiti, the economic turmoil, Copenhagen …the drama now on the world stage is an exaggerated external version of what often goes on inside your mind. The result: all the problems and worries that have been swirling around you rise up, often with great force.

The powerful inner tools of meditation – concentration and mindfulness – are also available to you 24/7 to help you de-stress and successfully work with the content of your inner world: to allow the worst of it to simply go by, and to bring the best of it out into the world around you.

We look forward to working with you in the new decade to bring the tremendous power of meditation into your workplace to enhance the productivity and well-being of all your employees and co-workers.

Richard Geller
Founder and President


Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Take a break from your busy day right now to refresh your mind with a minute of mindfulness meditation. Start with a few deep breaths, and really feel each moment of the breath experience, as the air travels into your nose, down your throat, into your lungs,

and back out again. Allow yourself to get totally focused for a few moments in those simple but powerful physical sensations.

As your breathing and focusing continues, thoughts will inevitably arise in your mind about your work, or whatever random subject matter may come up. That’s fine – you’re going to use those thoughts in the next step of the meditation.

As you are feeling your breath, simultaneously allow yourself to simply observe whatever is arising in your awareness: thoughts, feelings, external sounds, etc. You observe them as they arise and disappear, but you do not get involved with them, analyze them, judge them, or try to stop them. You just notice them, and then let them go by. Traditionally it’s described as like watching clouds go by in the sky on a windy day, or watching leaves float by on a river.

If you get totally absorbed in some thought stream or analysis, then notice that fact, and let it go by. Just keep noticing and letting go of whatever arises. As necessary, you can return back to the breath as an object of focus at anytime, and hold your attention there to re-focus and calm your mind. Then you can let go of that focus, and return to simply watching and letting go of whatever comes up in your awareness.

A relaxing minute or two of mindfulness meditation can refresh your brain, and enhance your productivity and enjoyment all day long.

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