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What People Are Saying About MedWorks

MedWorks has worked with a wide range of corporate clients to bring the many scientifically-proven benefits of meditation – stress reduction, employee motivation, and better overall health and wellness – into their workplace.

Here is what some of our participants say about MedWorks Corporate Meditation Programs:


MedWorks does a monthly meditation program here that is very popular. We hired them because we have so many activities that help strengthen the body, and we really wanted something to strengthen the mind as well.

Ron Bartkiewicz, Health Promotion Manager
Reebok International Ltd.


Fifteen minutes of meditation made me able to do hours worth of work.

Joanne Graham, Benefits Analyst
Dunkin’ Brands


I learned how to meditate at work through a four-part MedWorks series, and when I went to see my doctor afterwards my blood pressure had dropped 20 points. He asked me what I was doing differently and I told him it was because of one thing: meditation.

Mary Boylen, Lab Services Manager
Shuster Laboratories, Inc.


I have a very demanding job, plus two small children, and the meditation techniques I learned from MedWorks have really transformed my life. I am much better able to stay focused at work, to manage my anxiety levels, and to juggle the work/family balance with more energy and purpose. I can’t say enough good things about MedWorks and the work they do.

Elena Fernandez, Manager of Industry Analyst Relations
IBM Global Services


I recently suffered multiple tears to my retina and had to undergo emergency laser surgery to my eye with no anesthetic. The surgeon told me that despite the discomfort due to intense pressure applied to the eye during the procedure, it was vital that I remain relaxed and totally immobile because if the laser would accidentally hit my optic nerve I would be blinded. Fortunately I learned how to meditate at work through a MedWorks training program, and I was able to remain totally relaxed through the ordeal. Because of this, the operation was a complete success.

Bruce Flight, Senior Engineer
Medtronic, Inc.


I sought out a MedWorks meditation workshop in order to deal with my heavy workload plus a lot of travel. It was very effective at providing practical skills to use in the moment to reduce stress. It really helped me to better handle stressful situations at work.

Alicia Szendiuch, Managing Director of Global Industries Corporate Banking
Bank of America Securities LLC


Our attorneys and staff are under tremendous pressures. While we cannot make stress go away, either in people’s work or home lives, we can help employees learn skills to respond to stress more effectively. When our people feel better, they can serve our clients better. The MedWorks corporate meditation seminars were a huge success and we plan to continue them in the future.

Kelly Largey, Director of Client Services
Fish & Richardson P.C.


I was responsible for bringing MedWorks to our company and was very impressed with the entire program. Richard Geller is an excellent teacher. He explained everything in a clear and concise way that was easy to follow. Many of the people in the class had tried meditation before, but told me that this was the first time they felt like they could really do it and apply it in their daily work and personal life. Every single person in the class, including myself, definitely wants to have MedWorks do more workshops for us.

Jasmine Hatzopoulos, former Employee Programs Manager, Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts


As a former television news reporter now doing communications training for senior business executives, I know how important it is to be calm, centered, and focused. I was fortunate enough to participate in a MedWorks meditation session at a client’s office and now, not only do I practice these techniques myself, but I advocate them to executives as a tool to become better communicators, managers, and spokespeople for their companies.

Greg Stone, President
Stone Communications


One of the lawyers here recommended bringing MedWorks in to do a corporate meditation program and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received. However, within minutes of sending out the first email inviting employees to sign up, the class was oversubscribed and we had to set up a second series to accommodate the large number of interested participants. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and everyone felt that this was one of the best employee benefits our firm has ever offered.

Harriet Blanc, former Director of Human Resources,
Wolf Greenfield